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Shit's Fucked T-Shirt - Tractor Beam Apparel

Shit's F%*ked T-Shirt

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Shit's F%*ked T-Shirt

Sometime's you just gotta say it.After an exhaustive, year-long investigation, it is the conclusion of this committee that... Sh*t's f**cked. Everything. Completely f**cked. In every which way. Frontwards. Backwards. Sideways. And every other kind of way -- along with some ways that didn't even exist before.

We realize there will be those who dispute our findings, so here we'd like to talk a little about our methodology. For this study, we used a method called "being conscious and paying the slightest bit of attention to what's happening."

So there you have it. Sh*t's f**cked. Please write your congressperson to let them know.